The VirtualCAD solution is specifically designed to work easily with any web site, with minimal change, and zero 're-work' when you upgrade your site. Therefore, we can easily implement the VirtualCAD solution, regardless of your application. This enables us to provide ‘custom’ solutions easily.

Sometimes, parts are 'standard' across multiple OEMs. Examples of this would be bearings and bolts. In these cases, your site sends a part number to our server. That's it. Done. A good example of this is

Many companies offer parts that appear standard, but are actually customized most of the time. In these cases, your site sends the variables to our server. An example of this, are the variable length hinges at

Hydraulic Cylinder OEMs offer an almost infinite number of combinations of options that are defined with 'rules' captured in a 'Product Configurator'. These values are sent to our server. is a good example.